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Some of the best people to follow on Twitter in the book world

This is a long subject line but there are hundreds of brilliant bookish people to follow on Twitter so I wanted to be clear that these are only ‘some’ of them! I know not everyone is on Twitter and that it can be seen as a negative place BUT in my experience if you just ignore that side of things and focus on the book stuff, it can be a really useful resource and a great way of connecting with people. The book world encompasses a lot of different spheres so I have divided these up below in the hope that it is helpful. These are just some of my favourites to follow and I hope you like them too!

If you’re a writer:

@DelilahSDawson – uses the really useful #TenThings hashtag to talk about all different aspects of writing and publishing, from plotting to creating tension and much more. Tells it like it is, which I like!

@KateMallinder – blogs about writing and more specifically about YA fiction. Relatable and honest!

@ericsmithrocks – gives a good insight into the literary agent side of things.

@theauthorschool – they run a lot of great events (mainly London) focusing on the publishing/ writing journey, including subjects such as publicity and marketing.

@writetodone – links to articles about various aspects of writing including how to write conversationally, having confidence in your writing, using social media as an author and lots more.

@samatlounge – Sam Missingham, a well-connected and experienced woman in the publishing world who is a big supporter of writers and bookshops.

@laurenspieller – a YA author and literary agent, gives a good insight into the agenting process and provokes interesting discussions on the book market.

@thecreativepenn – advice from Joanna Penn on self-publishing and indie publishing, as well as tips for marketing your novels.

@litrejections – I used to read this website a lot when I was first on submission – tips on dealing with writerly rejection, inspirational quotes (not for everyone, I know!) and stories of writers who made it through the wilderness.

@mserinkelly – very talented author, also blogs about her writing journey, the editing process, and recommends other brilliant books.

@advicetowriters – tips and quotes on writing (and how hard it can be!) Relatable and motivating.

@jonnygeller – top literary agent with a great TedX talk on what makes a bestseller, worth checking out!

If you’re looking for a job in publishing:

@SYP_LDN or @SYP_UK – only advertise jobs which include visible salaries, and if you’re not in London there are also branches in Oxford, the North, Ireland and the South-West, all of which can be accessed through the UK Twitter feed. You can also find tips on how to write a cover letter, find information about free events and panels where you can meet other publishers and get advice, and learn about the industry through this organisation. A useful thread to get you started here.

@pubinterns – vocal about fair pay and rights for publishing people, plus tips about jobs and how to get them!

@the_flip – new newsletter dedicated to showcasing women in the publishing industry, they have some absolutely fantastic people on their line-up! Free to sign up and guarantees lots of insight and tips as to how these women have built their careers.

@bookcareers – advice on job-hunting and job adverts, courses and phone sessions.

@thatpubblogger – links to useful articles covering subjects such as writing cover letters and perfecting your CV, interview techniques and more. Also lots of RTs of publishing job adverts that you might have missed.

@bookmachine – events and opportunities to learn more about the publishing world.

When job-hunting it’s also definitely worth searching by hashtags such as #workinbooks #jobsinbooks #publishingjobs and #getintopublishing. It goes without saying that you ought to follow all the mainstream and indie publishing houses as they’ll often tweet out their jobs before they make it onto the Bookseller and sometimes you might find more info on Twitter, such as who to address your cover letter to.

If you have anyone you love to follow in the book world then pop their names below and I will add them to this post!

4 thoughts on “Some of the best people to follow on Twitter in the book world

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these links Phoebe. I have looked up each one and followed many, what a lovely group of people. thank you


  2. I’ve followed a few people from this and was pleased to discover I was already connected with a few others. When I click through to @mserinkelly, though, it says the account no longer exists. @advicetowriters is also a dead link.


    1. Hi Ellie, thanks for getting in touch! Erin Kelly’s link works fine for me, but you’re right the other one didn’t so I have now updated it! If you try again they should both work I think! Phoebe x


      1. Thanks for fixing the Advice to Writers link. Not sure what’s happening to the Erin Kelly one because Twitter is still insisting, to me, that it doesn’t work. Never mind, eh?


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