Happy new year!

I wanted to just say a huge thank you to everybody who has been following along with my little blog so far – it’s been a lot of fun writing about the publishing world and I hope to do more in 2018! This year has been a very exciting one book-wise, and The Doll House has now been chosen by six bloggers as one of their books of 2017. This is a huge honour (and surprise) for me – I know just how hard book reviewers and bloggers work (usually for free) and it’s a real privilege to hear reader responses to my novel and see it alongside other authors that I’ve admired for years. Special thank you to The Writing Garnet, The Book Review Cafe, Jenny in Neverland, Debbie’s Book Reviews, and Bookie Wookie.

I am taking suggestions for my blog posts, so if you have a question about the publishing industry or anything to do with writing or editing, please leave a comment below and tell me what you’d like to see covered on the blog!

And remember, if one of your new year’s resolutions is to achieve writing goals – you could enter the First Novel Prize and be in with a chance of winning £1000 and a potential book deal! (I’m co-judging and it’s going to be fun!)

I hope you all had a lovely NYE and here’s to 2018 – may it make all your writing dreams come true.

Phoebe x

8 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Thank you so much for the little mention, Phoebe! I absolutely loved The Doll House (as you well know by now haha) so I’ll be looking eagerly on at what’s coming next from you! I’m also super intrigued about the writing competition- I have the beginnings of a story I started summer last year which I kinda stopped quite abruptly. I’d be keen to get back into it and maybe even enter if I can get the word count up! Happy New Year ☺️ Xxx


  2. Happy new year!

    I am interested in the drafting process and at which draft stage did you start to believe there was something special about the Dolls House. Did you ever believe in it? As writers we go through many drafts and rewrites, when do you spot a glimpse of magic?


    1. Hi Lucy! I will make a note to do a post about drafting, that’s a great question. I did believe in the heart of the story I was trying to tell, but there were certainly lots of major rewrites and it changed a lot with the help of my agent. I would have moments of feeling as though I had a little ‘magic’ and moments of feeling the whole thing was terrible – I think all writers do. Having feedback from others was very helpful in the drafting process, and I valued my agent’s opinion a lot too. It probably took three or four major drafts until I could really start to see value in it – and even then not always 🙂 But you need to believe in yourself and your work and accept constructive criticism at all times. Happy new year and best of luck with your writing in 2018! Thank you for visiting my blog. Phoebe x


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