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Pitch your book to an editor!

Happy Sunday everyone! Just a quick note to say that myself and my brilliant editor Charlotte Mursell (who works at HQ Stories, HarperCollins) are going to be taking part in a pitching session at Retreats For You writing retreat down in Sheepwash, Devon, on the weekend of 9th/10th March 2019. We will be giving advice on publishing, including what we look for as commissioning editors, how to make sure your book has a commercial hook, and what the current fiction market is like. We will also be taking any questions the writers on the retreat might have, and listening to individual novel pitches afterwards. So now is your chance to pitch your book to two HarperCollins editors, and I hope to meet some of you there!

To book a place on the retreat you need to contact Debbie Flint at Retreats For You. This might also be a nice Christmas present for the writer in your life – I haven’t been to Sheepwash before but it looks gorgeous and as part of your package you get to stay in the bed and breakfast and I think all the meals are provided. I for one am really looking forward to it…

Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Phoebe x

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