Plotting vs winging it

Whenever I speak to other writers, one of the things I'm always endlessly curious about is whether they plot out every stage of their novel, or simply start writing and see where the book takes them. I'm definitely in the latter camp, although I did try to plot as much as I could for my… Continue reading Plotting vs winging it

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Your publisher’s decisions

Signing with a publishing house is undoubtedly a very exciting experience, but it can also come with a side of confusion, especially for debut authors. It can be hard to let your work go, because you’ve worked on it so hard and up until now, you’ve been in control (perhaps with your agent too). I… Continue reading Your publisher’s decisions

Publicity and Marketing

Publicity – what to expect as a new author

I had some great suggestions for blog posts this week from the lovely Book Connectors Facebook group - thank you everybody for commenting! It was really interesting to see some of the questions people were wondering about, and I want to do my best to try to answer some of them in the next few… Continue reading Publicity – what to expect as a new author


The importance of covers in commercial fiction

In commercial fiction, the importance of book covers cannot be underestimated. Think about it – you’re walking through a bookshop, and what do you immediately see? Jacket after jacket, all clamouring for your attention like over-excited puppies in a pet shop (with less yapping). Covers are the main selling point for retailers, and the absolute… Continue reading The importance of covers in commercial fiction