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Why your debut novel isn’t your only chance at success

Today, in publishing terms, is Super Thursday. There are almost 600 books being published, which is good news for readers, but scary for authors because of the sheer amount of perceived competition. Combined with this, 2020 has of course been an incredibly tough year for debut authors, as the world has battled through months of… Continue reading Why your debut novel isn’t your only chance at success

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Impostor Syndrome in writing

I'm not a real writer. That's the thought that goes through my mind probably on a daily basis, and ramps up even more whenever I'm doing anything around publication - events, emails, writing, and whenever I respond to readers. I genuinely feel like I've somehow conned people into thinking I can write, and managed to… Continue reading Impostor Syndrome in writing

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How the editorial process works

So you’ve reached the amazing stage where someone wants to publish your book. You’re excited, you’re nervous, you’ve finally been able to tell your friends and family without panicking that you’ll somehow jinx it and your publisher will call you to tell you that actually, sorry, this whole thing has been a strangely elaborate joke.… Continue reading How the editorial process works


The importance of covers in commercial fiction

In commercial fiction, the importance of book covers cannot be underestimated. Think about it – you’re walking through a bookshop, and what do you immediately see? Jacket after jacket, all clamouring for your attention like over-excited puppies in a pet shop (with less yapping). Covers are the main selling point for retailers, and the absolute… Continue reading The importance of covers in commercial fiction