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How to get a literary agent

I thought I'd written a post on this before but somebody asked me about it the other day and I realised I hadn't! I've written about how an agent can help you and how I got my own agent but I thought it'd be helpful for me to write a more general post about the… Continue reading How to get a literary agent

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To agent or not to agent

One of the things people sometimes email me about is getting a literary agent, and whether or not they should. Nowadays, with so many new publishers doing exciting things and the self-publishing industry booming too, I can completely understand why you might feel as though you don't need an agent. However - and this is… Continue reading To agent or not to agent

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How it feels to have a book published

It's 4.38 am, in the early hours of Thursday, 14th September. I'm wide awake, staring into the darkness of my room (well, mainly darkness. I live next to a train line so there is the occasional flashing light!). I have to be up for work in less than three hours, but even though I know… Continue reading How it feels to have a book published


ThankBookFor podcast

Last year, before my book deal was signed, I recorded a podcast with the brilliant Tom Bissell at ThankBookFor. We discussed working as an editor, favourite books, writing processes, getting an agent and at one point, you can hear me squeal as a picture falls of the wall. Have a listen here: Make sure… Continue reading ThankBookFor podcast