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Book events in 2020

This year I am looking forward to speaking at several literary events and festivals, and have listed them all here in case anybody wants to come along (also for myself, so that I don’t forget to go…)

Guernsey Literary Festival 2020: 2nd May, Getting Published: a panel discussion. This will run from 4-5pm and will be with me, bestselling author Ruth Ware, and Curtis Brown agent’s assistant Caitlin Leydon. Keep an eye on their website for tickets, but it’s a free event!

The Savvy Writers’ Fest: 9th May, One Alfred Place, London. Tickets here. A panel about how authors can sustain long-term publishing careers with me, Sam Missingham, and The Bookseller’s Philip Jones.

The Writers’ and Artists’ Conference: How to Write Criminally Good Crime Fiction: 16th May, Bloomsbury Publishing, Bedford Square, London. Panel talk with fellow author Cass Green and literary agent Jamie Cowen to discuss what makes a good crime novel. The whole conference has much more, too!

Sidmouth Literary Festival: 14th June. How to get Published talk and one-to-ones with authors. Keep an eye out for more details and tickets here.

Laxfield Literary Festival: 27-28th June. A one-to-one interview with another crime writer about my new book The Babysitter. Keep an eye out for details and tickets here.

Winchester Writers’ Weeekend: 11th July, University of Winchester. One hour talk on what makes a bestseller. Keep an eye out for tickets and details here.

Woodbridge Book Festival: 6th September, Suffolk. A talk about my new book The Babysitter. Keep an eye on their socials for details!

Lots more details to come, but would love to see you there!

Phoebe x

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