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The Girl Next Door

I am finally able to reveal the cover for my second book, The Girl Next Door! I love this jacket so much – the designer Anna Sikorska has done an amazing job. It’s always so nerve-wracking seeing your cover for your book (and this was actually not the first one I was shown) but I’m so happy that it’s finally out there!

The book publishes on 21st February 2019 and it’s available to pre-order now. I think I prefer this one to my debut – I suppose the idea is that writers get better with each book and I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out, though very nervous to see what other people think.

It’s about a couple, Jack and Jane, who live in a small Essex town in the countryside. One evening, their neighbour comes round to say her daughter, Clare, has gone missing – and a few hours later Clare is found murdered in Sorrow’s Meadow, the field at the back of the town… I won’t say any more but it’s a psychological thriller like my first book, and I really hope you all enjoy it.

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